Renting a Car

You may reserve a car rental on CONCUR or online with other various car rental companies directly. You may use the below codes to gain access to the discount. If the reservation takes place on CONCUR, these discount codes are already applied to the quoted rate.

Use of privately-owned vehicles is generally discouraged for conducting University business. Students must be authorized (new window) whenever they use their personal vehicle on University business.

The University has various discount agreements with car rental suppliers. These discounts vary between 5-10%. National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car provide the highest discounts for the University (see full program summary here). Make sure to join the Emerald Club with National Car Rental for further benefits. Membership is free. The discount is applied by providing the CPD codes specified below. There are no fees associated with making a car rental reservation on CONCUR.

Before Renting a Car for University Business

Driver authorization requirements

All students who rent vehicles for University-related business, as well as faculty and staff using rentals to transport others outside of the Washington Metropolitan Area (map (new window)), must be authorized prior to renting the vehicle in accordance to the Office of Risk Management’s policies.

Students renting a car

Students should follow the registration requirements set up by the University’s Office of Risk Management to rent a car for University related purposes. You may work with the Center for Student Engagement for additional guidance.

International car rental guidelines

If it is necessary to rent vehicles in a foreign country for approved business on a short-term basis, the vehicle should be rented in the name of the University. Because of the difference in insurance requirements in other countries, departments should always purchase all available insurance provided by the rental agency.

15-Passenger Vans

The University prohibits the purchase, rental or use of 15-passenger vans for any University-related activity, due to safety-related issues. A 12-passenger van or a standard mini-van is an acceptable and safer alternative. To accommodate travel needs for larger groups please work with one of our travel agencies for a group solution.


Towing a trailer or other item can present a risk. Only authorized University employees may use a University vehicle for towing. Individuals or departments that drive vehicles or (vehicle/ trailer combinations) with a weight greater than 10,000 lbs are required to comply with federal regulations and maintain a valid medical certificate.

Please visit the Office of Risk Management for additional information regarding vehicles.


Drivers should purchase physical damage insurance offered through the rental company. If a driver rents a vehicle with a Georgetown-issued MasterCard ProCard with the driver listed on the ProCard account as the primary cardholder or authorized user, the driver may decline all insurance coverages offered by the rental company.

Individuals or departments renting vehicles in a foreign country for University business should rent the vehicle in the University’s name and purchase insurance offered by the rental company.

If you are paying with your personal credit card, it is advisable to check with your credit card provider about their car rental insurance coverage. It is advisable to purchase physical damage insurance coverage for the rental car.

Payment for car rental

Direct billing to GMS worktags is not possible. A University issued T&E enabled ProCard is the preferred method of payment for all car rentals for institutional use. For personal use, please use a personal credit card for payment. Reservations for rental cars are secured if the reservation is made using CONCUR, however, the credit card presented at the time of pick up will be charged for the service. If you do not have a T&E Procard, you may use a personal credit card for payment, and then submit a reimbursement request using GMS.

Canceling or changing an existing registration

Please contact the travel agency to cancel or change your reservation. There usually is no fee associated with this change.