Travel Leaders Corporate

The University has contracted with Travel Leaders Corporate (TLC), a travel agency to help you with both your University-related and personal travels. Your reservation will contribute to our aggregate travel spend, allowing us to negotiate better discounts in the future. For simple bookings, you can use the  Concur tool. For complicated trips please work with our travel agent below. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Georgetown Travel Online by Travel Leaders Corporate:
Phone: +1 (833) 827.9619

See below for instructions on using CONCUR Travel

Instructions for Using CONCUR TRAVEL

Georgetown Travel Powered by Travel Leaders Corporate is only available for the Georgetown community. To purchase tickets for guests of the university please contact TLC directly at +1 (833) 827.9619 or email

Why use CONCUR for your travel reservations:

  • CONCUR is in compliance with our existing travel policies
  • CONCUR automatically sends your itinerary to the International SOS travel tracker program, therefore eliminates the need for separate, manual registration on iSOS
  • By contributing to CONCUR’s aggregate travel spend, you are helping us to negotiate better air, hotel, car discounts for our travelers in the future

For additional information about how to set up your profile, how to assign a travel arranger, and how to book travel using CONCUR, please download the Traveler User Guide accessible via CONCUR under the Info Center tab.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to CONCUR | Booking | First-time users | Pre-trip approval procedure | Check out procedure and payment | Booking for guests and studentsChanging your reservation | Mobile access | Contact Information

Log in to CONCUR

Click on CONCUR link. CONCUR uses single sign-on so you do not need your Georgetown Login.


Once you are in CONCUR you are taken to the home page of the tool where you can enter your travel information and proceed to booking. The tool allows you to book airfare (one way, round trip or multi-city destinations), reserve a rental car and a hotel room. You can choose to make any or all of these reservations at the same time.

First-time users

The first time you log in, please

  • Click on the “Profile” button (located at the top right-hand corner) to fill out your profile, where you may enter your frequent flyer numbers, hotel membership numbers, as well as set your seat, meal, and other preferences.
  • IMPORTANT: Verify your full name (including your middle name) exactly as it appears on your passport or driver’s license.
  • Identify your department and your school or business unit.
  • You may add your procard and/or personal card number as a “form of payment” in your profile. If using GMS worktags (for faculty and staff for institutional purchases) you will be required to input them at checkout.
  • Once your information is complete, simply click “Book a Trip” and let the tool guide you through the process.
  • If you are a new employee or student and you are not able to login to CONCUR, please try again in 48 hours to allow for system updates. If you still cannot login in, please email for assistance.

Please note: If the information you see when you first login is incorrect, you need to contact HR for name changes, and the UIS help desk at (202) 687.4949 to correct the rest.

Pre-trip approval procedure

Please follow your department’s procedures for travel approval. The “Email your itinerary” feature is an easy way to forward the proposed itinerary with pricing to a travel approver. Please remember that the booking has to be completed within 24 hours, or the proposed price and seat may no longer be available.

Check out procedure and payment

At check-out, faculty and staff may use their appropriate GMS worktags (if not booking with a procard or a personal credit card), procard, or personal credit card to complete the purchase.

While the total cost will show at the time of checkout, please remember that it is not possible to pre-pay for hotel and car rentals unless it is specifically indicated on the hotel reservation rate. You will need to use a travel and entertainment (T&E) enabled procurement card or a personal credit card at the time of check-in/check-out or the return of the vehicle to pay for these services.

Paying with University T&E ProCard or personal credit card

You may use a University T&E ProCard or your personal credit card. If you use your personal credit card, you must later submit a reimbursement request for the hotel and/or car expense via employee reimbursement in GMS. Please visit the Financial Management page for further instructions.

Booking for guests and students

While CONCUR is not available for making reservations for incoming guest speakers, students, job or PhD candidates directly on the booking tool, authorized University employees can contact TLC at 833-827-9619 to arrange trips for guests and students. This feature allows departments to direct bill airfare and some local hotel bookings for these non-Georgetown individuals and reduces the need for travel reimbursement requests.

Guest reservations can only be conducted during regular business hours (8am-9pm Monday-Friday). 

Changing your reservation

Please contact TLC directly to make changes to your reservation at 833-827-9619. You can view your “Unused tickets” in CONCUR, and a TLC travel agent will apply the credit for a future reservation with the same airline. (Airline imposed fees will apply.)

Mobile access on portable devices

Bookings on CONCUR can be easily synced to your smart phone or other mobile devices using the free SAP Concur mobile App.  The instructions to download the APP can be found on the Concur website.

All your reservations will be automatically synced between your mobile device and CONCUR.

Contact information

Business hours are 8am-9pm Monday-Friday. 

For domestic travel: +1 (833) 827.9619
For abroad travel emergencies: Please use local number printed on your itinerary.