Booking Hotels

Hotel Room

Booking a hotel on CONCUR is advisable as Georgetown University is able to access negotiated rates.

When booking on CONCUR, you can search for a hotel solution based on a landmark or specific address that is most suitable for your business needs. While it is advisable to be budget conscious, please keep in mind as you choose your hotel any additional costs you would encounter while traveling between your hotel and your business function.

Form of payment

Booking your hotel via CONCUR or using our travel agency will require either a Procard or GMS worktags (or personal credit card for student and leisure purposes) as form of payment for securing the booking. However, prepayment for hotel rooms is not possible.

Hotels have to charge a credit card issued under the name of the traveler, presented at the time of check-in. Please use a Procard or a personal credit card for this purpose.

Some hotels might allow you to pay on behalf of a guest or another traveler by filling out a credit card authorization form. As a part of this requirement as a proof of verification, they might ask you for a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your procard. Please do not send these documents to any supplier. 


Every hotel has its own specific cancellation policies, which are clearly stated on the reservation confirmation. Most allow for cancellation 48 hour prior to check-in. Please make sure you are aware of this policy. If you neglect to cancel your reservation according to the policy, the credit card (or Procard) will be billed for that night.

There are special “prepaid” and non-cancellable rates available on CONCUR. These tend to be lower priced, however, please be mindful of these rates as these reservations cannot be canceled and refunded. The credit card provided will be charged at the time of booking.


There are no fees for booking a hotel on CONCUR. If using a travel agent, there are no fees if the hotel booking is a part of an airline reservation.