Group Travel Reservation

The list below outlines specific requirements for booking travel for groups domestically and internationally.  These rules apply to all student-led groups, faculty-led groups, and groups of staff.

If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact Purchasing and Contracts at (202) 687.6770.

Air Travel for groups

For groups of less than 7 individuals:

You can book identical itineraries for up to 6 individuals using Georgetown Travel Online (GTO). Each individual must be a Georgetown University employee or student. Before completing the booking, each member of the group must give you travel arranger rights. (Please see  instructions of how to add a travel arranger).

After creating the itinerary for one person, you can click on the “Add Traveler” button, which will replicate the exact same itinerary and price. Choose the additional traveler’s name from the drop down list. Continue to add travelers up to six individual and then proceed to complete the booking.

For groups of more than 6 individuals:

A group of 7 or more on the same itinerary are considered a “group.” A group air contract is required for these bookings. You can work with either of the contracted travel agencies, who specialize in group bookings. Please to not request price quotes from both agencies and the desired airline. These requests upset the airline’s pricing methods and will result in penalty fees for which the University will be liable.

You do not need to finalize the name of the travelers in a group when making the initial group reservation. The agencies will keep you informed about important booking deadline and help with name changes (sometimes for no additional cost) throughout the process.

Group travel generally has the same departure date, return date, and itinerary for every member of the group. It might be possible to arrange for a more flexible return date, depending on the needs of the group, the flexibility of the airline,  and the type of fare purchased.

Please plan ahead for group reservations. It is very unlikely to be able to find available seats for a group close to the departure date.

It  might be advisable to book slightly more expensive fare to allow for added flexibility without incurring excessive itinerary alteration charges

Our travel agencies are not able to accept GMS worktags for payment for group reservations. The group agreement must be submitted to the contracts department for review and signature, and then a purchase order must be created for the contracted expense.

Ground Transportation for groups

Both agencies are able to help you with booking coaches or buses domestically and internationally. Due to the higher risk associated with ground transportation, it is highly advisable to work with our contracted travel agencies.

For trips within the District of Columbia, you may also utilize Abe’s Transportation.

Our travel agencies are not able to accept GMS worktags for payment for group reservations. The group agreement must be submitted to the contracts department for review and signature, and then a purchase order must be created for the contracted expense.

Hotels and conferences

Our travel agencies are able to help you arrange domestic and international hotel reservations for your group. You may decide though to research right venue for your conference or trip yourself and negotiate the lodging price including any additional features such as dinner receptions, team room reservations, breakfast service, etc.

Either way, the hotel or conference center will require an agreement and sometimes even deposits prior to the event.

Please allow ample time to find the right facility, negotiate the price and amenities, prepare the agreement, and submit it for review and signature to the contracts department. Once the agreement is executed, you may proceed with making payments. Hotels usually require several installments of payment based on their cancellation policy. A rooming list required at the time of signing the contract.

Some hotels will prefer a Procard as form of payment. International hotels may require a wire transfer. Please specify method of payment with the hotel prior to submitting the agreement for review. A purchase order is always preferred, but we are flexible with payment methods to hotels. If your department does not have access to a Procard with higher dollar limits and the hotel requires a credit card payment, please disclose this when submitting the contract for review.

Hotels have different definitions of a “group,” but as a general rule, more than 10 rooms will be considered a group, requiring an agreement.

Please review carefully the cancellation terms of the agreement prior to submitting it to the contracts department, as cancellation for groups can result in significant fees.

Benefits of working with one of our travel agencies for group travel

  • Discounts for groups less than 10
  • Free tickets, hotel room for groups of 40+
  • Name changes on unused tickets
  • Waiver of group deposits (for certain airlines)
  • Dedicated phone numbers and agents to manage group reservations
  • Waived or reduced name change and utilization penalties
  • Access to airline executive help desk
  • Waivers and favors including seat preferences, fare matches, etc.