Booking on CONCUR

Create a CONCUR Profile before Booking

  • Input your full name (including middle name) matches your passport or driver’s license
  • Verify Employee ID matches your GMS ID (5 digits) (login to GMS here)
  • Add your frequent flyer, TSA PreCheck, ProCard information, etc.

If any information is incorrect, please contact before booking on CONCUR. If you need to book travel ASAP, a Travel Agent can assist you at

Checkout and Payment on CONCUR

  • Flights and rail will be booked and paid via Georgetown Travel Services (GTS) at checkout
  • Hotels reservations are secured by GTS, but payment is due upon check-in with personal or University ProCard
  • Vehicles may be reserved with personal or University ProCard

The University ProCard must be T&E (Travel & Entertainment) enabled

Assistance with CONCUR Bookings

Monday through Friday 8am-9pm Eastern
Phone: 866-502-1926

Changing a CONCUR Reservation

To make any changes to a reservation made on CONCUR, contact or call 833-827-9619. A Georgetown dedicated Travel Agent is available to assist you M-F, 8am to 9pm EST. An After-Hours Emergency Service is available 24/7.