Coronavirus (COVID-19) University Travel Booking Process

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Georgetown University currently has restrictions regarding domestic and international travel.

Dear Colleagues,

Per the notification given on April 21, 2020 by university leadership, all university-sponsored and supported international and domestic air and train travel is restricted until further notice. This also includes travel funded by a grant, foundation, company or another university.

Any exceptions to this policy require approval of your campus EVP or the SVP & COO for university services requests.  This approval process will be facilitated through the GMS Spend Authorization process by the campus CFOs. The job aid for submitting a Spend Authorization can be found here

We understand and appreciate that airfares are low at this time and you may already have an airline credit, but the well being of our community is priority. Also, with uncertain travel and social distancing requirements, even travel booked for greater than 60 days from now is at risk of being cancelled.

If you are contemplating a request to book travel, please consider the following:

  1. Is this travel an emergency – i.e. health and safety related?
  2. Is this travel critical to the academic, research or business operations of the University – i.e. can the interaction be conducted virtually?
  3. If this travel is for a Sponsored Project, will you be violating the terms of the grant if you do not travel?
  4. If this travel is for a conference, can you delay booking until you can verify the conference will be held?

If you have received approval from your EVP / SVP to proceed with travel booking, please call the GTS dedicated agent at +1 855-460-5352 or email the following information to book the travel:

  1. Full Name as it appears on your driver’s license
  2. GMS ID (if not a GU employee, Requester’s ID) and Department
  3. Spend Authorization # and Approver
  4. Travel date and preferred time 
  5. Date of Birth (DDMMMYYYY, e.g. 12MAR2020)
  6. Travel Type – Air/Rail/Car/Hotel
  7. Origin Airport 
  8. Destination Airport
  9. Preferred Hotel
  10. Special needs/requests (e.g. wheelchair to gate, multiple destinations)
  11. Did you have travel scheduled after 1 March that was cancelled? If so, please provide the airline and ticket number.
  12. Passport Number (for international flights)
  13. Passport Expiration Date (DDMMMYYYY, e.g. 12MAR2020)

For more information please visit