Travel FAQs

Concur Training Q&A

Yes, Concur is paired with Georgetown Single Sign-On, therefore, you would login to Concur in the same way that you would login to any Georgetown platform.

No, Concur draws information directly from GMS and when you login your GU Net ID and password, Concur retrieves your information from GMS. Your specific credentials cannot be duplicated to create multiple Concur profiles.

Yes, anyone that does any travel booking or travel for the institution and is considered a Georgetown employee should be pulled into the Concur system.

No, students cannot book travel through Concur and do not have access to the system. Employees can book on behalf of students or employees can reach out to agent to book travel for a student.

Yes, in the profile section the user can add additional email addresses for those that need to receive an email copy or confirmation of the booking.

No, Concur is a booking tool. If an agent is needed, the agent would operate through Georgetown’s travel partner, CTP. CTP agents are trained in and familiar with the Concur platform and will work to assist your booking needs by using the Concur platform.

Yes, for simple changes or cancellations you can make the necessary adjustment within Concur. For more difficult itinerary changes, it is recommended you contact a CTP agent for assistance.

No, if this does occur, please notify Concur and Georgetown Travel Services. In many cases with international and regional international flights, the booker will need to book directly with the airline to secure the cheapest flight. For domestic flights, Concur should have the lowest fares available.

Yes, users have 10 minutes to complete a booking or the website will refresh and the user will have to start the booking process over again.

Worktags Q&A

Yes, the travel will first be charged to the central Georgetown travel services credit card through the booker’s GMS ID. Once the expense report is generated within GMS, a worktag can be assigned to the trip and used to pay for the travel.

Car Rental Q&A

No, per Georgetown’s contracts with National and Enterprise car rentals, renters should not need a Procard or credit card to book the rental vehicle. A credit card would be required in the event that incidental expenses are incurred (i.e. GPS charges). In this case, Georgetown would not pay for the extra costs.

Yes, if a rental car is booked with National or Enterprise the renter does not need a University Procard. The rental car company may require the renter to have a credit card on file in the event of incidental expenses.

Spend Authorization

The spend authorization number is the number given to a specific booker or traveler when he/she has been authorized to spend university funds on travel. This number is used to track expense reports and travel spending. Once you have been authorized to travel, you will be given this spend authorization number and it will be recorded in the GMS system.

Depends on the policies and restrictions of the specific department and campus. For some campuses, a spend authorization is required, however, not all campuses and departments have adopted this policy.