COVID-19 Travel Booking Updates

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Dear Colleagues, 

Please visit for current travel restrictions. In light of these updates, some domestic travel will no longer require EVP or SVP & COO approval, instead, it is highly recommended that you utilize the Concur booking tool to schedule your travel. 

When book travel with a GTS dedicated agent, please call +1 855-460-5352 or email and provide the following information:

  1. Full Name as it appears on your driver’s license
  2. GMS ID (if not a GU employee, Requester’s ID) and Department
  3. Spend Authorization # and Approver
  4. Travel date and preferred time 
  5. Date of Birth (DDMMMYYYY, e.g. 12MAR2020)
  6. Travel Type – Air/Rail/Car/Hotel
  7. Origin Airport 
  8. Destination Airport
  9. Preferred Hotel
  10. Special needs/requests (e.g. wheelchair to the gate, multiple destinations)
  11. Did you have travel scheduled after 1 March that was canceled? If so, please provide the airline and ticket number.
  12. Passport Number (for international flights)
  13. Passport Expiration Date (DDMMMYYYY, e.g. 12MAR2020)