Financial Management

This page compiles information on University policies related to financial management of travel expenses. The University Policy on Business Travel Expenses (.pdf) is the main University policy regarding business travel expenses.

In some cases, your campus may have additional policies beyond those contained in the main University policies. For details on campus policies, please follow the links below. 

The University policy on the issuance of cash advances for travel is available here.

Georgetown has discontinued the use of American Express Corporate Cards for faculty and staff. Employees may apply for a Procurement Card with travel and entertainment privileges.

For policies on the use of a Georgetown-issued Procurement Card, consult the ProCard policy manual (.pdf).

For converting expenses incurred in foreign currency to US dollars, a useful online tool is available.

In order to receive reimbursements for travel expenses, employees need to complete the General Payroll Form. In order to properly complete the form, be sure to retain documentation of all expenses in the form of receipts whenever possible.

The form is available here.

Georgetown University’s official travel agency, Anthony Travel, allows for direct billing to departmental budgets, simplifying paperwork. It can also sometimes obtain special business rates.

For information on recovering value-added tax (VAT) from purchases made on University business abroad, consult the Tax Office web site here.

Consult the Policy on Business Travel Expenses for the University policy on vehicle rentals. Any student driving a van for University-related purposes must first complete the Office of Risk Management’s van training program

According to Office of Risk Management policy, no 15-passenger vans may be rented for University business for any reason.

Domestic rental car insurance may be declined if the vehicle is rented with a Georgetown Procurement Card. In general, international car rentals should be made in the University’s name and insurance should be purchased from the rental provider. Please consult Risk Management’s vehicle use page for further details.

If you are wire transferring University funds to a foreign bank, consult the University policy on wire transfers (.doc).

The Request for Wire Transfer form is available here (.xls).