FAQ for Georgetown Travelers with Cancellation or Modification Needs due to the Coronavirus

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1. Did you book your travel through Georgetown Travel Services (new window) (GTS) – Including Travel Leaders or the Concur booking portal?

If yes – we can assist with contacting hotels and airlines to adjust your itinerary

If yes, but you booked airfare directly with airline – you will need to work directly with the airline

If no – we can still work with hotels directly to adjust your itinerary, but for airfare you will have to work directly with the airline

2. Did you book a refundable ticket?

If yes – we can cancel your itinerary, and adjust travel date or refund your account

If yes, but you booked directly with airline to adjust travel date – you will have to work directly with the airline 

If no and you booked through GTS – your ticket is likely reusable and we would work with our travel provider to verify

If no and you did not book through GTS – we cannot assist to recoup cost

3. What if we cancel a trip to a destination that has a CDC or government travel restriction (e.g. China, Italy, Iran, Japan)?

Most airlines and many hotels will allow full/partial refunds for cancellations due to government imposed travel restrictions. We can assist with coordinating refunds and travel adjustments for the University.

4. What if we cancel a trip to a destination that does not have a government travel restriction (e.g. San Francisco)?

We can work with you to cancel and adjust flights with minimal cost. We will try to do the same for hotels, but their cancellation policies are more rigid. We will support all University travelers, but it is easier to assist those who booked through GTS as we can leverage our travel partners 

5. What if I booked train travel?

Since there are no travel restrictions for trains at this time, you can work directly with Amtrak to change your reservation.

For international evacuation strategies and medical support, please visit the Office of Global Services website. For banned locations where GU staff are already traveling, we are working with them to get back to the US as soon as possible.